Michael Chalk is an adult community educator.. in language, literacy, numeracy and technology. He works in Melbourne, Australia.
He's also located at michalk.id.au Read his work blog "electro-textual" at michalk.id.au/txt
Contact via Preston Reservoir ACE (prace) 613 9462 6077

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  • Context is everything: e-learning face-to
    “We’re so far off online learning,” said one manager to me, implying that it was so difficult we shouldn’t even bother. My first response was to bring it all back to the classroom. “Online learning is only one part of e-learning,” I replied. I think people still see the two terms as identical, which is […]
  • Hands-on digital literacies with limited technology (BYOD)
    Valbec conference, 17 May 13 Ah, it all seemed so simple:
  • An interview with Carmen Harris
    [Cross-posted from the North-West e-learning mentor blog.] Recently I spoke with Carmen Harris from Yooralla adult education. Carmen was involved in the North-West e-learning mentor projects back in 2011. She told me all about the amazing work they’ve been doing with literacy and technology over there, including blogs, facebook, email lists and zine...
  • What apps do you use for image work?
    Good discussion on the ACE Network Ning, started by Lynne Gibb the e-mentor for Eastern Metro Region. Like Lynne, I used to be a big PaintShop Pro fan, as i had a free licensed version from one of the computer magazines. Now I use XNview for browsing through my image collection, and also for those […]
  • What's your favourite app or gadget right now?
    Over on the LearnLocal e-learning network, Liz Grigg from Eastern Region has started a discussion: “
  • What learning brings you joy?
    Found a lovely conversation on the Adult Learning Australia (ALA) Linkedin page, started by Sally Thompson. It was great to see so many joyful responses 😉 [You’ll need to join the conversation group to follow those links.] I must say Junita amazes me with her constant sense of bubbling joy in her work. She’s a […]
  • Live web conferencing – the skills you need to facilitate a session
    Last year, a few of the Victorian LearnLocal e-learning mentors put our heads together to think about the skills that people need when they want to run a live web conferencing session. I think it’s really crucial, if you’re thinking of running a live web conferencing session, to get as much help as you possibly […]

Projects that michael's been involved with include:

addemup_8(thumb).jpgAccess ACE 2007 - research into e-learning in a numeracy classroom
AccessACE-communication-tools.jpgAccess ACE 2009 - building a network of
e-learning practitioners across Victorian Adult Community Education (ACE)
flexivet_ace_logo_(thumb).jpg"Flexivet" - Flexible delivery for vocational education & training (VET) in the ACE classroom - sharing resources and developing a video screencast (2009).
external image prace5b.gif Preston Reservoir ACE
external image Creative%20Community%20Engagement%20277064138_9f185f2e77_m.jpgCommunity Engagement
(an initiative of
the australian flexible
learning framework)
Can You Hear Us? PRACE project researching audio and voice technologies in the classroom (2007-8).
external image 11Mangroves.at.TownBeach.jpg English at the Beach
external image marysville%20santa%20by%20conversationsinace%20at%20flickr%20278896720_be61877028_m.jpg Conversations in ACE Conference,
external image addemup-play.jpgPlay the Game
Research into Games
for people with
mild intellectual disability
b-arentsnakesdangerousdan-fbk3-by-moirahanrahan-c-2003.gif Snakes Alive! an online
audio book from Page Turners.
mc as mc, opening of broadway campus
Also, i dressed up
in a big fluffy top hat,
to act as master of ceremonies,
when we (prace) opened
our new shopfront campus
in the Broadway, Reservoir. (Way back in 2006)
external image alt_logo.gif Adult Literacy meetsTechnology network

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